Pharmaceutical Sales Aid

An ongoing project to produce an interactive sales aid for use by pharmaceutical sales reps when marketing a diabetes treatment to doctors and healthcare specialists. I contributed to developing key messages about the benefits of the drug, conceived the marketing visual, structured the technical information on the drug, and produced the sales aid itself. Below is a sample of the sales aid, incorporating some of the interactivity.


We  proposed a number of messaging ideas to the client, based on different benefits of their product. The chosen message was ‘taking control of diabetic complications’. I developed the visual based on this message, a photorealistic rendering of models of relevant anatomy, suspended like puppets. The typography and colours are adapted from the current branding. Doctors in user testing studies have mentioned the unusualness and distinctiveness of this chosen visual style.

The sales aid

Instead of confronting doctors with lots of content at one go, the necessary information is organised into interactive layers. At the base level is an ‘elevator pitch’ overview of the drug. Above this is a fuller presentation of the drug’s mechanism, benefits, side effects and efficacy studies. At the very top are supplementary information and references.