DRS Film Sets

DRS build film sets for some of the biggest studios around. The team at Thinkfarm evolved their brand to show off the full-on, epic scale of the film sets they make for feature films and TV dramas. At the same time, the brand needed to get across the hands-on and can-do ethic of their tight-knit team of talented people.

Messaging and brand

We redesigned the logo to simplify their messaging, condensing their wordy descriptor into two simple words: ‘Film Sets’.

The logo evolution informed an identity built around associations of gritty, real textures and large-scale presentation. This entailed the use of ‘Big Shoulders Display’ as the primary title typeface, as well as handmade rolled paint textures which brought DRS’s hands-on ethic to everything from video to the website. 

The scruffy, energetic dog, which has been DRS’s mascot since day one, still fits the brand perfectly. It is now a dynamic character and which has been redrawn in a number of different poses to fit a variety of applications.


The website was designed to convey the same combination of grand scale with 'rough and real' textures. Equally importantly, it needed to stand up to being updated very frequently using a CMS, with a flexible approach to content curation and presentation.


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