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Vifor Pharma needed an electronic publication to aid their sales representatives in demonstrating the benefits of one of their drugs, Doxium, for diabetes patients. The principal benefit is helping to prevent microvascular bleeding in the kidneys, eyes and extremities. I would go on to develop all aspects of the design and information architecture, including the visual metaphor of affected organs on puppet strings, giving the organs a ‘plastic toy’ appearance to reduce any sense of squeamishness. When tested with doctors the style was pretty impactful! 

Information organisation

Vifor were relying on us to develop not only the look and feel of the publication, but to also organise all the information they had on the drug into a clear narrative. Instead of confronting doctors with lots of content in one go, the necessary information is organised into interactive layers. I needed to research the significance of each piece of information, and determine its centrality to the narrative. At the base level is an ‘elevator pitch’ overview of the drug. Above this is a fuller presentation of the drug’s mechanism, benefits, side effects and efficacy studies. At the very top are supplementary information and references.

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