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Royal Museums Greenwich

The brief for RMG’s Moon exhibition was simple. Produce a campaign visual portraying the iconic photo of Buzz Aldrin from the Apollo 11 mission, in front of a distance shot of the moon. I created the resulting image using multiple layered Photoshop techniques to integrate two disparate images. The exhibition attracted 23 per cent greater attendance than the client’s target.

Retouching, Compositing and grading

I started with the photo of Buzz Aldrin from the NASA archives. I cropped Buzz out of the background and then integrated him into a dark background using strategically painted shadows. Once the resulting image was combined with a computer generated image of earthrise over the moon, I used improvised Photoshop techniques and colour grading to integrate the two images, and give the composition a grand, cinematic feel.


I incorporated the image into RMG’s standard poster branding guidelines. The resulting layouts were used as 6 sheets and 12 sheets, predominantly on the London Underground.