Tapi Carpets

The client is one of the largest carpet and floor retailers in the UK, and they see themselves as challengers to the dominant Carpetright. They wanted sales branding that was radically different from their competition, and full of fun and personality, or ‘Tapiness’. So they commissioned a visual style for all their sales material which would sit alongside their existing logo. I produced all design, illustration, guidelines and animation.


I developed a system that remained colourful and attention-grabbing while also expressing enthusiasm and friendliness.

I used the Borsok font as a starting point for this idea, and enhanced the effect of the bubble-like forms by arranging them in a way which suggests restlessness, movement and overflowing. This would be used in headlines for promotional materials. This was integrated with the already in-use font, Gotham Rounded. I also created an expanded colour palette building on the existing one.


I created a style of illustration for producing a variety of icons and graphic elements that would embellish the Borsok letterforms and photography. This was in line with another brand ideal of adding delight to the customer’s journey.